Live Coral

Marine Fish are the colourful inhabitants of Coral Reefs and include some of the world’s most impressive fish. However, the true beauty of the Reef biome does not lie within its finned inhabitants, nor does it lie within the many variations of corals both beautiful and bizarre. At Nemo’s World, we believe that in order to recreate the Coral Reef’s splendor, both of these beautiful marine animals must be present. Though Marine Fish alone are beautiful enough to make any Marine Aquarium look amazing, the addition of live Corals will transform your Aquarium into a truly spectacular display!

Live Plants

Plastic Plants usually form the bulk of any Aquarium décor, but although they may be attractive to look at, they cannot compete with the wonderfully endless possibilities in designing an Aquarium with live Plants! Though Aquariums are commonly seen as the simple home for all of your fish friends, Naturalistic Aquariums (Sometimes referred to as “Aqua Forest Aquariums”) are a wonderfully surreal, living work of art. Known as “Aquascaping”, this hobby has recently grown in popularity and requires patience, care, and a significant amount of time to create your masterpiece, but the results are truly rewarding!