Blue Moonlight 7w LED.

Interpet Blue Moonlight 7w LED.

bright white 7w led

Interpet Bright Day White 7w LED.

New Interpet LED Lighting

These are fantastic new LED lamps from Interpet, they are specifically designed to replace the 15 watt compact screw fitting lamp. These are brighter and half the wattage so they are cheaper to run.

The Bright Day White LED lamp is really bright and could be used to help grow plants in reptile set-ups and as it is screw fitting it will be easy to adapt to vivariums and terrariums, it has no UV value so it has no benefit for any reptile it will only help plant growth.

The Blue Moonlight LED lamp can be used for illuminating Tarantula’s and Scorpions for night time viewing. It can also be used for the night time viewing of reptile and lizards such as crested gecko’s.

Here at Nemo’s World Edinburgh we are always on the look out for new and innovative products these lamps by Interpet fit the bill from every angle.