Reptiles, Amphibians, Insects and Fish are absolutely fascinating creatures, but choosing the right one can be somewhat challenging. There are many things to take into consideration when deciding upon which exotic companion is best suited for you, so here’s a few steps to help you out!

1. Experience
Some animals can be a real challenge to care for, whereas others are relatively simple. Beginners should always start out with an “Easy-mode” pet that requires very little knowledge and maintenance, such as a Leopard Gecko or a Corn Snake. Jumping straight in with an expensive Reptile which you know nothing about will only lead to disaster. There’s no rush; take things slowly. That high-maintenance animal that you want to own won’t go extinct by the time that you’re ready to meet its needs!
When it comes to Aquariums, the common belief is that there is an order of difficulty; Coldwater, Tropical, then Marine. This, however, is not true. Certain Tetras and Guppies are arguably easier to keep than Coldwater fish, but Marine fish undoubtedly require the most attention of them all.

2. Dedication
The main thing to take into consideration when buying an animal is whether or not you have the time to care for it. Most Reptiles will live for up to 20 years. Consider how your life could change in that time. Consider your education, your career and even the possibility of starting a family which could affect your ability to care for your animal. On top of that, there’s the responsibility involved in pet ownership. Be prepared for routine cleaning, food preparation, checking temperatures and handling the animal to check that it’s healthy.

3. Budget
Frustratingly, pets are expensive to care for. Reptiles, in particular, are exotics and tend to be expensive on their own. The more exotic the animal, the larger the hole in your wallet. Products tend to be pricey also, with their enclosures forming the bulk of the initial cost followed by the need to replenish food supplies and Vet bills if your animal becomes sick. Unless you have a Money Tree growing in your back garden, saving your pennies is essential unless buying a less expensive animal.

4. Animal Growth
Most of the animals here at Nemo’s World are juveniles with a manageable size, but it is essential to remember how big some animals can grow as well as what size of enclosure they will require. That tiny, adorable Snake hatchling wiggling through your fingers could some day be wrapped around your arm with an enclosure big enough to cover a quarter of your bedroom wall. Certain animals in our store, such as our Poison Dart Frogs and certain small fish, will only grow a few centimetres and require very little living space, making them ideal for those who lack any space larger than the empty spot on their Computer Desk.

5. You!
Last and not least, let’s consider your own needs. If you live alone, then you have nobody to consider but yourself in your decision!

  • Do you want a pet that you can handle frequently, or a pet that you can simply watch and adore?
  • Do you crave the danger of owning an aggressive animal and the thrill of watching it hunt, or would you prefer a peaceful, gentle animal to calm your nerves after a long day’s work?

Each answer you give will point to a specific animal, though it may sound far-fetched. Thrill-seekers would likely turn to snakes, spiders and scorpions, whereas peace-lovers would likely choose a gecko, tortoise or Aquarium fish. Alternatively, you could choose a Bearded Dragon for the best of both worlds!

If you live with your family, deciding which animal is more suitable will be a lot easier, despite a few conflicts here and there!

  • Will each member of the family be able to handle and care for your new animal?
  • Are any members of the family afraid of a certain animal?
  • Most animals require live insects as food. Will Mum be able to cope?!

Choosing your animal can be very exciting, but it does require a lot of thought. The staff at Nemo’s World are always happy to suggest which animal is best for you, offering their own knowledge and expertise to make your decision easier!